Recycle Milk Cartons

We have launched a New Recycling Initiative Our "POST-T-Pak".

recycle for charity

Jerry Dwyer Lee Strand, Tony Heffernan Bee for Battens & Kerry Football Legend
Daragh O Shea launching the New Recycle Campaign at Lee Strand.

recycle for charity

From June 14th 2010, we are delighted to announce that in co-operation with LEE STRAND CO-OP, consumers across County Kerry and West Limerick can support the 'Bee For Battens' fundraising project by simply sending their old mobile phones to our central recycling hub using the company's range of 1 litre Tetra Pak milk cartons as the envelope.

A new Bee for Battens label is being placed on all cartons, as shown below, with full instructions and a pre-written Freepost address.

  1. Enjoy your delicious Lee Strand Milk
  2. Wash and thoroughly dry the used Lee Strand milk cartons, & fold the carton flat
  3. Place your old mobile phone, wrapped in tissue, into the carton
  4. Staple or otherwise secure your carton closed.
  5. FREEPOST Your "POST-T-Pak"

Bee for Battens Bee for Battens