Recycle Mobile Phones

What we need - We're Not Fussy!

  • We'll take any make or model of Mobile Phone

What you do

  • Send Your old Mobile Phones free of charge to:

    The Bee For Battens Appeal,
    Co Kerry

  • Working items are refurbished and exported to developing countries. Broken items are recycled using the correct environmental methods.
  • The funds are used to support our Goals!
    • We'll take any make and model of mobile phone regardless of condition
    • Round up 10 phones or more and we'll collect them from you for free.
    • Please Call 083 00 44 444 today for information or to arrange for a pick up:
    • Or email
  • If you would like to collect phones on our behalf please contact us. We will Provide freepost envelopes and collection boxes for you to host on your behalf.

It's a no-brainer! You get free from clutter. Do your bit for the environment - and help families with Battens Disease.

Bee for Battens Bee for Battens