BUMBLEance – The Children’s National Ambulance Service

BUMBLEance – The Children’s National Ambulance Service

BUMBLEance a sister charity to Bee For Battens, is also part of the Saoirse Foundation. With two critically ill children, the Heffernan’s spent a lot of time on the road going to and from hospital appointments. They realised the need for an ambulance service dedicated to transporting critically ill children. Hence, BUMBLEance was created. Unfortunately, Saoirse lost her fight and grew her Angel Wings in 2011. She never got a chance to see BUMBLEance become a reality.

BUMBLEance was launched in 2013 and it quickly became the Children’s National Ambulance Service of Ireland. In 2014, BUMBLEance brought Liam on his final journey home. This was the first ever Angel Trip on board BUMBLEance. The service allowed Liam to be taken home in a sensitive, caring environment, surrounded by loved ones, in his final moments. BUMBLEance was created by parents who understand the struggle of caring for a sick child. Our top priority is the comfort and safety of our BUMBLEance children. We understand how stressful it is to transport a sick child, which is why we will be with you every step of the way.

We deliver smiles to critically ill children because we remember Saoirse and Liam’s bright, beautiful smiles. We want to deliver more BUMBLEance smiles daily and we can do this with your help.


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